With the dedication of the OSCAR team, OSCAR v 1.2.0 is released and available via the same download page https://www.sleepfiles.com/OSCAR/

It is our opinion that all OSCAR users should migrate to this new version.

Below is this version’s Release notes.

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Changes and fixes in OSCAR v1.2.0
Portions of OSCAR are © 2019-2020 by The OSCAR Team

  • [new] Support for Chromebooks using Linux beta – (Intel/AMD only)
  • [new] Support for Raspberry Pi OS
  • [new] Additional Philips Respironics devices tested and fully supported:

    • REMstar Pro (System One) (452P, 450P V1)
    • BiPAP Pro (System One) (650P)
    • REMstar Plus (System One 60 Series) (261CA)
    • REMstar Pro (System One 60 Series) (462P)
    • DreamStation CPAP Pro (400X120)
    • DreamStation BiPAP autoSV (900X150)
    • Dorma 500 Auto (System One 60 Series) (501V)
  • [new] OSCAR checks automatically for new releases.

  • [new] Privacy feature allows suppressing profile info in Statistics page and printed reports.

  • [new] Add option to print reports in black and white (monochrome).

  • [new] Hold down the Shift key while selecting a range on a chart to measure the duration without zooming.

  • [new] Allow second (or more) import on same day for ResMed data.

  • [fix] Improve support of rare events and update warnings in Philips Respironics 950P, 1030X, and 50-series.

  • [fix] Profile page and Daily records block now show most recently used machine when a profile has multiple machines.

  • [fix] Improve warning on Daily page when settings are missing.

  • [fix] No longer zoom charts to maximum when clicking on chart with popup menu present.

  • [fix] Correct page margins problem when printing Statistics page on Mac.

  • [fix] Adjust font size and column widths on Statistics page.

  • [fix] Improve language in various error messages.

  • [fix] Date at right end of Overview page reflects actual data, not any future notes.

  • [fix] Limit SD card scan to mounted vfat volumes.

  • [fix] Correct Statistics page calculations when CPAP and Oximetry use do not overlap.

  • [fix] Hours used on Welcome and Daily page are now hours of CPAP machine use.

  • [fix] Popout graphs now limited to desktop height and multiple popout graphs work better.

  • [fix] Overview tooltips now list chart components in same order as displayed in chart.

  • [fix] Overview graphs now show last day on charts for timezones near GMT.

  • [fix] Welcome page calculation of days since last import fixed.

  • [fix] Oximetry import from file now remembers last directory imported from.

  • [fix] Correct pressure reported on Welcome page for VAuto-S machines.

  • [fix] Improve error checking for file system problems.

  • [fix] ResMed machines now show the Essentials setting.

  • [fix] Support migration from both SleepyHead and OSCAR.

  • [fix] Correct 95th percentile computations on Statistics page when some days were summary-only.

  • [fix] Improve some prompts and tooltip messages.

  • [fix] Empty directories in Profiles directory are not shown in Profiles list.

  • [fix] Show correct copyright when installing Debian version.

  • [fix] Translations updated; Korean translation added.

  • [fix] Rebuilding CPAP data for ResMed machine with compression enabled no longer results in settings loss.

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