We just released OSCAR v1.1.1
This is now the most current version. You may need to refresh the cache to download.

Changes and fixes in OSCAR v1.1.1
Portions of OSCAR are © 2019-2020 by The OSCAR Team

  • [new] 5 Additional Philips Respironics devices tested and fully supported: (they are listed in the Release Notes inside OSCAR)

    • Note: Ventilator alarms are not currently imported.
  • [new] Add the “peak flow” channel reported by pre-DreamStation ventilators.

  • [new] Automatically detect and resolve graphics-related crashes on Windows.

  • [new] Support AVAPS in the Overview pressure chart.

  • [new] Added Italian and Turkish translations.

  • [fix] Fix missing bars in the Overview pressure chart for Philips Respironics devices.

  • [fix] Add missing Philips Respironics pressure channels to CSV export.

  • [fix] Fix zero Philips Respironics AHI in CSV session export.

  • [fix] Add support for the Bi-Flex lock setting on pre-DreamStation ventilators.

  • [fix] Fix the pressure waveform scale for the BiPAP autoSV Advanced 30 (960T)

  • [fix] Add support for rise time mode on DreamStation BiPAP devices (600X-700X).

  • [fix] Remove the ramp time and pressure settings when the ramp is disabled on pre-DreamStation devices.

  • [fix] Improve import of Philips Respironics oximetry data

  • [fix] Fix VS2 index shown on the Daily page for Philips Respironics machines.

  • [fix] Fix occasional failure to save imported Viatom data.

  • [fix] Fix a recurring database upgrade prompt.

  • [fix] Fix an occasional crash when importing Resmed data.

  • [fix] Add bounds error checking to Resmed input processing.

  • [fix] Fix STR.edf file backup to avoid loss of settings data.

  • [fix] Fix Backup Journal to format XML properly.

  • [fix] In flow rate graph, don’t show duration for events with no duration.

  • [fix] Fix pressure settings in Overview graph reported as a huge negative number.

Changes and fixes in OSCAR v1.1.0
Portions of OSCAR are © 2019-2020 by The OSCAR Team
This is the second major release of OSCAR (Full details are contained in the Release Notes inside OSCAR)

  • Extensive overhaul of the Philips Respironics System One and ResMed importers
  • Easy to alter Chart Order to Standard (Default) or Advanced (Breathing Stats for advanced /Bilevel Machines)
  • Preferences changed to easily turn on and off PieChart and Calandar
  • Automatically set sidebars for F12 Screenshot.
  • Fixed many importers
  • View/Reset graphs now resets all Graphs and events
  • A lot of data corrections
  • A lot of fixes in general, See the release notes in Help – About OSCAR for more details.

Many of the changes that have occurred have resulted from input from you, the users of OSCAR. Keep them coming in.

Fred Bonjour – Project Manager and Lead Tester for OSCAR – Open Source CPAP Analysis Reporter

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