I had surgery at the end of November. Upper lower jaw and chin and turbinate reduction. The turbinate reduction was fantastic. I can clearly breathe through both nostrils at all times. But I am extremely discouraged to see no benefit for sleep at this point. I always wake up after about 4-5 hours in bed completely exhausted and lie there a couple of more hours to fall asleep again for a couple of hours just to not feel like I’m dying.

I recently saw my oral surgeon and told her I’m not feeling any benefit and she said it can take some time still. My sleep study will be scheduled in may. I asked her what in healing would be preventing me from still seeing benefit, and she said throat swelling. No operation was done on my throat but the tubes down my throat during surgery did cause some swelling, however I feel no swelling at all in my throat now and can breathe clearly. I want to believe her but it doesn’t ring true to me.

Anyone have surgery and took a while to see benefits? Most studies seem to indicate that I should be showing benefit by now, but most studies aren’t exactly clear on timeframes.

Also I used to try and use CPAP but struggled with it hence the surgery. I’m so desperate for a nights sleep that I’m thinking on trying again. I won’t be seeing the sleep doctor until May, would it be unwise to use my CPAP on its existing setting? I can’t recall the exact setting but it was almost the lowest so I don’t think there is much risk of it being set too high. My thought is with my nostrils so clear I might better acclimate to it. I think doctors should look at nasil issues for people struggling with sleep apnea and CPAP. In retrospect, I would have much rather do just the turbinate surgery and try CPAP again and if that still failed then the full surgery.

Anyway, so discouraged that I went through this surgery and feeling no benefit.

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