Hi! I’m new here. I’ve been chronically exhausted for 10+ years and just recently had a home sleep study done. They called to say I did not have sleep apnea indicators, but then the dr called and said my oxygen was dipping to 84% and they would like me to come for in in-lab study. So I’m confused. Do I have sleep apnea? Do I not? What is happening??

I do not have traditional symptoms of gasping for air or snoring. I do however have a constantly runny nose and the first thing I have to do is blow it when I wake up. I absolutely do not want a cpap machine, if it is indeed any form of apnea, and the dr suggested that a mild form of apnea could be corrected with a mouth guard.

I’ve done some reading and, surprisingly, google says allergies and chronic rhinitis can cause sleep apnea, and that dentists who fit patients with mouth guards almost never have a case without allergies involved. Anybody else? I’m so anxious about this lab test. It’s obviously not a severe apnea, but I’m under 30 and do not want to lug around a cpap for the rest of my life! Help. What are your personal experiences here?

TL;DR They said I didn’t but I do. Possibly mild case. In-lab test wanted. Now what.

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