I have been waking up randomly sometimes during the night for last couple of weeks and I checked my oxygen level on the pulse oxygen meter when I wake up and I saw my oxygen level had dropped to 80 to 83 and my heart rate was 66. I have been randomly checking my oxygen level if I get randomly woken up. May be couple of times, I wake up with fast beating heat and I relaxed my self out of it. I used to be 188lb and now I have dropped to 170 for my height of 5.5. So, I am little overweight. I used to snore heavily before but I rarely snore these days. I do want to point out that I also have some anxiety and had first anxiety attack march of this year. Could these things be the sign of progressing sleepapnea. I have to wait till the first week of June for my insurance to kick in and till then I got curious if these things point toward the sleepapnea. Any input would be appreciated.

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