Yes, my cpap machine have an attached humidifier and yes I have crank the setting to the maximum. I’ve been using the machine for a little over a month now and have injured myself two times, once was minor a week ago and one was from 2 days ago and it was so painful that I’ve to stopped using the machine due to fear of injuries again.

Basically what happen is my entire mouth got so dry, especially around the bottom part of my gum and up to my lips, the part where the would be a V shape in my mouth, when I wake up suddenly, and try to move my mouth/teeth it would actually crack/rip the skin tissue in those area and start bleeding because it’s so dry. The only ‘fix’ that Have been kinda working is that I have to basically mentally do my best to freeze my mouth movement, then have a water bottle nearby and soak my entire mouth of water before trying to move my mouth. Anyone else experiencing this and what did you do to prevent it from happen?

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