Hey i’m a writing this post as i’m a little confused about my first night of APAP. I’m testing it out in case my up coming surgery doesn’t cure my sleep apnea.

Unlike most first starting, I find I tolerated it fine. Put the mask on, got used to it for 30 minutes then fell asleep fine. Woke up a few times during the night but never due to mask discomfort- it was actually due to just my sleep apnea. It set itself to a pressure of 9cm, yet through 9 hours of sleep I have an AHI of 9.5. This is essentially my AHI without a machine.

My first sleep study registered at 11 AHI, and my second study with a more blocked nose was around Mid 20’s. I had only a few RERAs in my first test, with an RDI of around 14- yet heaps in my second with a blocked nose, with an RDI in the high 30’s early 40’s from memory. The fact this machine doesn’t work is leading me to believe maybe I don’t have sleep apnea, and instead have UARS- however I did have a high AHI which is uncommon/not a thing in UARS, as the events happen too fast to be registered as hypopneas/apneas.

A good thing to note as well is during both my tests I had basically no fully obstructive events, and almost all were hypopneas and a few central apneas spread randomly.

During my APAP I had equal amount of hypopneas and ‘non obstructive apneas’ which I believe are centrals. The APAP registered only about 14 fully obstructive events.

Any clue what is happening? Why did APAP not do anything for me? I’m going to be without surgery for a bit still so I want to use this machine during the meantime- but it isn’t actually doing anything it seems? I know it’s the first night and I didn’t expect to feel different but I at least expected my AHI to reduce.

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