My daughter has had a terrible time sleeping her entire life. She had tonsils and adenoids removed at age 5 and had a palate expander at age 8. She’s now 13 but has had terrible excessive daytime sleepiness and mood swings in the last two years. She is fatigued all the time. She was iron deficient so she had some iron infusions. Those levels are now still very high (ferritin 400+). When that didn’t resolve things she was finally given a sleep study and the summary just posted last night. I’m waiting to hear from the doc but hope those of you more familiar with these terms can help me out:

  1. They recorded 204 arousals and 18 awakenings. Her arousal index was 30. But they didn’t record RERAs, and her AHI was 3.0 based on a total of 22 apnea’s and hypopneas. Any thoughts or insights on such a high arousal index with a mild AHI?
  2. They recorded time in bed 492.4 minutes and time awake 51.5 minutes “for a total wake percentage of 3.7%”….but 51.5/492.4 is more like 10.4%…is this just a typo or an issue with how the value is calculated?

Obviously even the short summary report has lots more information so I can share values if knowing other values would help. I’m also wondering if anyone has experience with treatment of mild obstructive sleep apnea in teens. Her symptoms of exhaustion and decreased attention span and overall depression are impacting her quality of life. I want to enter the convo with the sleep specialist as prepared as possible, hoping they can offer her some help!

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