I have always been supper sleepy and always lept for 11-12 hours when I got the chanse to. Im 18 yo now and I normaly sleep 9-10 hours throughout the week and 11-12 at the weekends. However even this amount of sleep doesnt leave me refreshed. I always wake up groggy and find it difficult to get out of bed. And I also feel sleepy all day, which hinders my life quality in general. I recently found out what sleep apnea is and I was like damn I might have that. So I decided to go to my doc and see if I can get this checked out. And you know what the doc told me? He basicly told me that I am crazy and send me to neurologist..

What do you think, should I go to to the neurologist and see what he will think or should I seek help from some sort of sleep clinic?

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