Hi all. I am new to cpap. Here are my results from last night.

Therapy hours 1 day: 6:54 // Large leak: 0 percent // Ahi 1 day: 4.6 // Ahi 7 day: 3.4 // Periodic breathing 1 day: 1 percent // Periodic breathing 7 day: 0 percent // 90 percent pressure: 1 day 8.5 // 90 percent pressure: 7 day 8.6 //

My question is, are these good results? Also, the periodic breathing from last night says 1 percent. I did some research regarding periodic breathing and it has me slightly concerned. Should I schedule an appointment with the doctor about the 1 percent periodic breathing? I do have a lot of PVCS this last year and a half. I’ve been using the cpap for a week now. I woke up this morning with stomach and back pain. Just some random questions. Thanks

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