I have had very high blood pressure for years. 140-160/80-100. I recently went to the ER after waking up feeling extremely dizzy and disoriented. The doctor looked in my throat and said he suspected sleep apnea. The dizziness and facial pressure has been going on for weeks now, as well as constant heart palpitations. My bloodwork and urine came back normal.

I’ve seen cardiologists in the past, pulmonologists, gastro, etc.

They told me I had GERD and intense anxiety.

I was approved today at my local hospital for a sleep study, from the financial assistance program. 100% of the costs covered.

But I’m so scared. These doctors are all so indifferent and insane, each patient just another customer. I want to kill myself (NOT REALLY, I WANT TO LIVE IM JUST BEING DRAMATIC) because it’s quicker than the thought that I’ll have a stroke and be paralyzed at 27.

I started taking Lisinopril 10mg since that ER visit. I also drink about 8 beers a day. I quit smoking 4 months ago. I’ve been under a tremendous amount of stress attempting to deal with medical issues, moving to Philly in 1 month, and switching jobs, and going through a breakup.

My question is: should I skip the sleep study and just get a cpap machine on amazon or something? I’ve read a lot of stories about peoples’ lives changing after beginning sleep apnea treatment, and I’m scared that if I have to wait for a thousand bureaucratic hospital actions, I’ll die first. This country is fucking hell. Health care is an abstract argument for people to discuss philosophy on until it’s happening to you.

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