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I don’t personally suffer from sleep apnea but the neighbor dad I grew up with has been working on a solution for sleep apnea and breathing issues in general for years now. He got my dad super stoked as well so I’ve heard/ learned learned a bunch about sleep apnea recently and had no idea how many people it affected. I’ve become really excited about his company, Vivos, and what they’re doing for breathing wellness.

PSA: This is a completely unsponsored post and I have no money or stake in this company whatsoever. I just found this sub and told him about Reddit. Here is my gist of the tech and some links:

Neighbor dad recruited Dr. Dave Singh to bring his idea to life and has created a patented device that is significantly more cost effective and silent than a CPAP. Dr. Singh has several awards for his work on breathing and sleep apnea. He’s also a baller and a half (we met once and I felt his passion on this issue) that really wants to solve sleep apnea for everyone in an easier way.

Instead of a CPAP, it’s like orthodontics for the throat. They do a sleep study and dental cone beam CT scan of the throat, mouth, etc. Then they create a “mouth guard” of sorts to be worn at night for 12-24 months to gradually open up the airway, adjusting every so often like an orthodontist. Sorry I don’t have all the knowledge about the product and speak in layman’s terms but I will list some links below. I do know that it’s being done in dental and medical offices across the US.

I think Dr. Singh would be interested in doing an AMA if I told him there are 15,000 people on Reddit dealing with this issue. Would anyone be interested in something like this?

Here’s the company: https://www.vivoslife.com/

And here is a bit about Dr. Singh: https://invisibledisabilities.org/seminarsandevents/2019-ida-awards-gala-invisible-no-more-the-reveal-10-18-19/2019-healthy-living-award-dave-singh-dmd-phd-ddsc/

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