I visited the doctor a year ago about possibly having sleep apnea because I have really bad allergies and i sometimes wake up short of breath in the middle of the night, i toss and turn and rarely get a really good nights solid straight through sleep.

She asked me if I drive, i said yes. She aske me if i had ever fallen asleep at the wheel and I said no. She said I don’t have sleep apnea, I just laughed and went home, definitely shook my confidence in my universities medical staff.

Anyway, I still get the same symptoms and I’m trying to work out how I can improve my sleep quality, My heart rate drops to 38 when I sleep, i’m not overly fit – i work out a couple times a week but i’m probably 22% body fat. And I don’t do much cardio.

So without the help of a doctor is there any way I can get a test or atleast have some firepower to take with me to an appointment? As I feel like noone will help unless I thrust the evidence into their face.

Also would appreciate ANY advice on this.

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