Hi friends, I was diagnosed with mid. Sleep apnea with 16AHI. I also suffered from enlargened tonsils, recurring strep, and chronic sinusitis. So end of January I had the adult Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy and UPPP.

About two months ago I started feeling fatigued again and my ENT referred me to another sleep study. I did it in the middle of COVID. Just got my results:

No more sleep apnea. Sleep doctor said that I had 90%+ quality of sleep despite sleeping away from home and I had minimal intermittent snoring. He said that the surgery seemed to have worked well and I am good in terms of the apnea.

We are going to have to look into why I’m still tired but seems like surgery worked.

FYI: I live in Canada and I was fully covered for my surgery through our national health care and my stay. I also have a great private health care so the only thing I paid out of pocket for was the children’s tylenol. Combined with recurring health issues is the only reason I was even able to consider surgery. I can appreciate its not a reality for those of you who may have to pay for it out of pocket.

Let me know if you have questions:)

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