So i used to be morbidly obese in my teens at 150kg to 190cm tall. When i moved away from home and started working out and eating healthy i went down to 90kg. I also noticed that my sleep improved massively and i was much more rested. When i moved once more i noticed i started sleeping much worse again despite keeping up the healthy living. started looking up my symptoms and sleep apnea fit the bill perfectly.

So i contacted the hospital but even if corona-wasnt ongoing i would have to wait for more than 4 months before i even got to see a doctor to just be evaluated, not treated. So i dont know what to do now, im constantly in a “zombie mode” and constantly exhausted, waking up several times at night.

i feel like falling asleep all the time and am super groggy every morning. There is no private healthcare or anything like that where i live so i dont know what my options are? Any help is appreciated

Edit: Thank you for the replies, i live in scandinavia but i had not considered you could just buy CPAPs. i kind of noticed immediately when i moved over a year ago that i didnt sleep as well but at the time i did not give it much more thought, i guess im not really clear-headed and my thought patterns are repetitive so i did not consider how much that impacted the rest of my life until i read about sleep-apnea.

I had not thought of this previously but My previous apartment was on the upmost floor of a highrise commieblock. I had a smaller more comfortable bed, and the apartment itself was smaller with ventilation along the sides of the windows, something i do not have at all in my new apartment. There is only a hole in the wall with a filter slapped on top of it where i live now, and only in one part of the apartment so there isnt any circulation so the air is definitely not as good. Im gonna look into purchasing some kind of Air conditioner, im willing to try anything to get me back to sleeping as good as i did a year ago.

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