Foot Massager – Electromagnetic Wave Pulse w/ Infrared Remote Control


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Looking after your health starts with looking after your feet.
80% of chronic diseases have something to do with nerves in your feet!
Size: 33*19*45CM
Carton: 46*44*19cm
Weight: 2.8KG
Voltage: 110V / 220V
Power: 30W
Material: Top ABS
56 biological electromagnetic waves,
99 messaging strength
Outstanding biological electromagnetic paster.
Time setting from 0-90 minutes,
remote control
Health Care Functions:
1. Prevention and cure of arthritis, arthralgia, rheumatism, edema etc..
2. Prevention and cure of leg varicosity.
3. Prevention and cure of feet paralysis.
4. Release leg fatigue, sore and pain.
5. Enhance immunity, and organs.
6. Accelerate metabolism
7. Accelerate blood circulation.
8. Active cells.
9. Improve oxygen, nutrition, hormone, and antibody
10.ameliorating sleeping and digestive system.
11.Infrared moxibustion area: special Infrared moxibustion function can massaging reach deep feet parts.
12. Infrared remote control switch, easy operation.
Beauty Functions:
1. accelerate lymphatic drainage
2. unblock sebaceous gland secretion
3. reduce leg fat
4. detoxication
5. Eliminates constipation
Remove Sub-health:
1. remit lacking in strength and feeling of being agitated.
2. improve hypomnesis
3. Release symptoms of fatigue, sleepy, and low concentration.
4. relieve symptoms of waist and knee pain,  dizzy, and headache etc..

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