Orthopedic Pillow – Natural Latex Pressure Relief Pillows


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Why do we need memory / latex pillows?

1. Keeps your spine aligned- As  the memory/latex pillow prevents your neck from bending, distributes weight evenly and provides a supportive, adaptive feel that keeps neck and spine in healthy alignment, this is why we said memory pillow or latex pillow can protect our cervical spine

2. Follows the shape of your head – Memory/latex pillows contour to the shape of your head, follows the curve of your neck for ultimate support, just as a memory or latex mattress contours itself to your body

3. Available in a variety of shapes- Memory foam pillows or latex pillows are available in a variety of shapes, which is convenient because the type of pillow needed will vary based upon your sleeping position

4. No adjusting- Memory foam or latex does not require flipping, fluffing, or any of the adjustments of a regular pillow, as it will retain its shape and size for years to come

5. Reduces snoring- Regular pillows tilt your head upwards, causing air passages to close. However, memory foam or latex pillows contour to your neck, allowing your air passages to remain open

6. Memory foam or latex material itself is anti-mite, mildew proof and antibacterial, its naturally breathable features like airflow channels and ventilation cutouts

What’s the difference between those pillows? How to choose?

1. Pillow size is different, such as 58x38cm, 60x40cm, 50x30cm, choose size follow your needs, big size normally for who above 65kg;

2. Pillow height is different, such as 12-10cm, 9-7cm, 10-9cm, choose the height follow your needs, some people like high pillow but some people like lower pillow;

3. Natural latex content is different, Y1541, Y1572 content 93% natural latex, other models content 90% natural latex;

4. Pillow core is different, 3 models, flat, massage particles, massage dots, choose the one follow your needs, we suggest massage particles for who got neck pain

Benefits of Latex Pillow

1. Latex foam pillows blend support with natural breathability and a chemical-free construction, latex pillows are available in a range of comfort levels for different sleep positions;

2. Provide crucial support to your head and neck each night, relax you and relieve tension as soon as you lie down to ease winding down and falling asleep;

3. The pinhole design and open cell structure of the foam allow air to flow through the pillow, keeping you cool, so you can sleep more soundly;


1. Natural latex has a featured smell, please don’t worry about it, it’s no harm to our body, place it on ventilated places for 3-5 days, the smell will be lighter but won’t disappear;

2. Pillow size is hand measured, might have 1-2 cm error, and latex is a special material, pillow size will be affected by temperature, pillow size maybe a little smaller than shown.


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