Hi everyone,

First time posting here, and I’m terrible at cleaning my RedMed 10’s parts as often as I should.

So with that in mind, I see people saying the automated cleaners are “a waste”, but what about if the user isn’t very good at cleaning to begin with? Wouldn’t it then be helpful? Why or why not?

As someone who hasn’t used the automated cleaners before, it seems a pretty handy way to bridge the gap between how often I do clean and how often I am supposed to be cleaning. I have the money so money is not an issue.

As a side question, how did you get into a habit of cleaning? Like for example I am bipolar and I just take my meds with breakfast so that way I never forget. Because I am the type of body that definitely cannot skip breakfast. Maybe I can do something similar with CPAP parts cleaning.

Thanks in advance!

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