Okay, so I think I’m have sleep apnea, but only some days (is that even possible)? Anyways, some nights every once in a while (I believe the trigger for me is whenever I go a couple days without exercising) I sometimes wake up needing to breathe bc I’ve stopped breathing. I don’t snore at all, and am not overweight. Anyways, I bought a pulse oximeter a while ago. I’ve been in quarantine for a few days so have been stuck in a room (don’t have covid or symptoms), but haven’t exercised at all. So 2 days ago, I woke up not breathing, and checked my spo2, and it was in the 70’s. Happened once more that night but ignored it. Now last night was worse, I woke up several times by the first 2-3 hours I tried to sleep. I immediately reached for the pulse oximeter to see my spo2, and they ranged from exactly 50, to 70 each time. After I was awake, they’d go back to 90s in about 10-20 seconds, but I was wondering how bad that low level is? Will that cause brain damage? I did have a headache today, but went away after a while. Now I don’t have this every night, just once in a while, and I don’t think it was a false reading bc it works fine in the day, I use it all the time and I’m usually around 97-98 when not asleep. Am mainly concerned with if I can get brain damage from 1-2 nights in a row with having this low spo2, (50% once, 54 % twice, and rest for 60-70). I have no idea how long I wasn’t breathing for, just woke up every time needing air and a bit dizzy.

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