Sorry for posting this here, probably the wrong place. I have no idea where to look for information.

Stomach sleeping. No real snoring, easy sleep, bad for my already bad back.

Side sleeping my arm falls asleep and usually leaves me really stiff.

Back sleeping is the holy grail for me. Physio, and chiro both tell me to sleep on back.

Here’s the thing… As I drift off, I jolt awake with a racing heart. I get a sense that I wasn’t breathing or was having trouble breathing. I’m totally fine until the moment I slip out of consciousness and then almost instantly jolted awake. At this point, I have a racing heart and feel anxious so I roll over on stomach and tell myself I’ll try again tomorrow.

Does this sound familiar? Should I be talking to doctor or is there any at home tricks / tips that might help be sleep on back and still breathe

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