I’m side-eyeing my sleep study results and would be grateful for any insight folks have.

Background: my primary care doc referred me to a sleep doc due to my complaints of exhaustion. I’ve napped a lot my whole life and never got refreshing sleep. I scored high enough on the Epworth scale (self-report, but still) that the sleep doc advised me not to drive. Sleep doc, sleep ENT, and primary care doc noted that I had a low redundant palate, crowded throat, and lightly deviated septum.

So I did an at home sleep study. Results – which I never saw – were supposedly inconclusive. Test (which costs $250 on Amazon) was $6,000. Scheduled an in lab study. Did that two weeks ago.

While I was waiting for the results, I ordered a tongue extruder off Amazon. Weird and horrible device that traps my tongue outside of my mouth, but results have been absolutely outstanding. First decent sleep of my life. Detailed dreams every night. Brain fog gone and tons of energy.

So I bugged the sleep ENT today, and he came back with a note that “the result did come back and it was negative for sleep apnea.” No detail, no numbers. He offered to re-test, discuss OTC snoring therapies, or discuss nasal congestion therapies.

Am I right to find all of this weird? Is it normal to receive absolutely no detail in test results? Should an at home test cost $6k? Would a tongue extruder work if there was zero apnea? It just does not add up for me. This is a household-name hospital in a major metropolitan area, but I’m not convinced I’m receiving decent care.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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