I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Moderate, 18 events per hour.

I have disordered sleep. Some nights I stay awake all night. Some nights I feel myself drifting and my mind feels like that drifting is bad and wakes myself up. 4 times I’ve awaken with a gasp, but never out of breath. Maybe anxiety. Maybe an apnea. This is 4 times that I can remember. Maybe 2x in the last year, and 2x in the year-2 before that.

So I dropped $250 for a mask forna trial trial and got a machine and my apneas are 0-0.1/hour for 6 days.

The thing is, on my orientation call they said I had an average of 5/hr. I figured it was a mistake, but now they emailed me and said it was 4.5/hour in fact.

4.5 isn’t even considered sleep apnea, no? 18 moderate and 4.5 below mild are so different…

I didn’t sleep for 2 weeks in between that diagnosis and getting a machine because I was so paranoid.

Would you be pissed too? Would you get a machine for 4.5/hr events?

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