I am due a home sleep study. I would like to be prepared when I have my consultation with the doctor (who will give me my results by phone) in case there is a positive diagnosis. I appreciate that procedures vary from place to place but I am hoping for some help with the following (apologies if these have been answered elsewhere):

  • Will a doctor ever refuse CPAP in the event of a mild diagnosis, even if requested by the patient?
  • If the home study results in a positive diagnosis will they require me to attend a hospital sleep study to determine what kind of CPAP I need or is this not necessary and I can get a machine straight away?
  • I feel that if I have sleep apnea it is due to a small/abnormal jaw. Should I mention this in terms of what kind of mask I need, whether I should be referred to an ENT, etc? I assume whether you have sleep apnea based on a small jaw or deviated septum, etc shouldn’t make a difference to the type of mask you need?
  • Is there anything in hindsight you wish you asked/mentioned during your consultation?

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