Was arranged to undergo a sleep study for suspected of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

I do have couple of questions which I would like to seek your opinion on.

  1. what came into your thought when you were first diagnosed with Sleep Apnea?
  2. What did you experience throughout the day when you have Sleep Apnea? (Short-Term Memory, Brain fog, Mental Block, Fatigue, Confusion, Yawning, Sleepiness and the list goes on…)
  3. Are you able to trace back when you first had Sleep Apnea and is it possible for Sleep Apnea to affect you for many years without you noticing?
  4. How has Sleep Apnea change your quality of life ever since?
  5. For those studying in college, how much did it took a toll on both your physical and mental health? (Example: Retaining Memory, Focusing in lessons, Difficulty in understanding/learning to grasp concepts, poor grades/performance and etc.)
  6. What lifestyle changes have you make after being diagnosed with Sleep Apnea?
  7. While waiting for my sleep study, what can be done to improve my sleep quality?

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