TL;DR battery power for your tubeface existence that lasts 2 nights and will recharge in 4 hours. Skip to the links at the end.

Let me just get this out of the way first: I believe that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing, and this is overkill. But it works really well.

After all the posts last week post Texas deep freeze asking about what to do for backup power for your machine in a prolonged power outage, I started looking for an answer to the question of “how big of a battery do I really need” via the Resmed battery guide. It wasn’t exactly straightforward, so maybe this post will save you some time.

First, you need Resmed’s DC – DC Converter because wasting energy converting from DC to AC to DC again is silly. Now for the battery:

An IPAP of 14 on my Aircurve takes a fair amount of power, and the heater and the humidifier take even more power, but there’s no way in hell I’m sleeping through the night in a New England winter without warm, humid air in my face. So that means a minimum 62 AH battery, which explains why that airline safe lithium thing I had only lasted like 3 hours. Righto.

So I need a deep cycle 12v battery, but wait, I can’t just charge a car battery inside my bedroom because it will vent hydrogen and That’s Bad. Lithium batteries with that much power are stupid money. I can, however, find a reasonable compromise in between the two: the MightyMax Gel Battery

It’s a deep cycle battery, but it’s sealed, will not turn my bedroom into the inside of the Hindenburg, and it holds 100AH of juice. That’s a lot. It also happens to be “only” $200 and can be delivered to my house for free.

It handled night 1 beautifully, giving me 8 hours of sleep with no issues and showing 2/3 power remaining in the morning. Color me pleasantly surprised. Even lasted a full second night, another 8 hours and change, showing just about empty in the morning. With full heat and humidifier usage. Perfection.

But now the battery’s drained. Enter: the NOCO Genius 10 battery charger. Sweet Jesus, do I ever love this thing. From empty to fully charged in 4 hours. I can’t even recharge the power bank for my iPhone faster than overnight, what have I been doing with my life?

You can certainly just use the spring clamps that the Resmed converter and the NOCO charger come with, trading back and forth as needed, and stop there. Or you can get the accessory ring terminal cables that NOCO makes and permanently connect both.

Put this all together, and you might not even notice that your power went out at all until you stumble down to the coffee maker in the morning and wonder why it won’t turn on.

Added bonus: this battery is so heavy that just getting it to your bedroom is its own exercise plan. Enjoy.


MightyMax Gel Battery

Resmed DC Converter

The Best Battery Charger I’ve Ever Seen

Direct Wire Cable 1

Direct Wire Cable 2

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