I completed an initial sleep study four weeks ago, with an AHI of 34.9 and oxygen dropping as low as 84%. All events were hypopnea except two, which were central apnea. They tried to do a split study but it didn’t work out, so last week I went back for CPAP titration, using a full face mask. I don’t yet have offical results but there was mention of pressures around 6, possibly as high as 9.

I don’t know if this is relevant, but I’m 35F, 21 BMI, and I don’t really snore. I always thought I was just a light sleeper. Last year I went through breast cancer treatment (surgery, chemo, radiation) and sleep became a big problem for me because my body needed to recover but I felt I couldn’t get enough rest. This pushed me to keep asking questions until I ended up getting a sleep study and… here we are.

Any recommendations on machines? Or websites you recommend I check out to do some homework? I hope to have an appointment with my primary care doc next week to go over test results and discuss next steps, but I’d like to be prepared.

TL:DR – I have hypopnea and I’m looking for recommendations on CPAP machines/full face masks.

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