Hi, First time posting. Sorry if there’s any etiquette that I’m breaking.

I (37/m) got diagnosed with sleep apnea in Jan of last year. I never got a machine or much of a follow up due to Covid. I was in decent shape and managed to get by with just a mouth guard.

However the last few months I’ve put on a few lbs and had to get a new mouth guard and a back brace. I’m at the point that I’m MAYBE sleeping 2-3 hrs a night but it’s bad.

I’m exhausted all the time, my energy is nil and I’m just trying to get something fixed but don’t know how.

There’s a guy selling a Sleep Style 200 on market place for 300 bucks. I know nothing about machines or even what I’d need but getting into seeing someone is going to take a few months and I don’t know if I can handle that.

Is it fairly intuitive? If I get it can I figure it out on my own or do I have to do a sleep study again for them to even use it?

Thanks and apologies in advance if there’s any issues. Any suggestions?

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