Hello, I use my CPAP every night and generally benefit from it. I have central sleep apnoea.

In February for the first time I began to have burning in my chest and thought I was getting sick or had an infection due to the CPAP. It lasted for a couple of weeks and I went to my GP. She diagnosed me with “silent reflux” and gave me anti-acid tablets, which helped. She said not to use the CPAP for 3 nights because that can make it worse.

My chest burned so much that I could feel warmth on my sternum, but after a few days on the tablet the burning went away and I resumed the CPAP.

From February until August, things were fine. In the past few days, however, my chest has begun burning the same way again. No other symptoms. I made an appointment for next week, but I’m wondering if other people have experienced this, and if you have found any other relief that lasts?

Thank you!

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