I’ve been dealing with severe anxiety, short term memory problems and depression for about 6 years now. I know I have other issues but I somehow stumbled upon sleep apnea based on my dentists noticing my bruxism. I explained to my sleep doctor that I don’t feel tired during the day but based on my other symptoms they elected to give me a sleep study. I registered for mild sleep apnea but I’m pretty sure I was forced to sleep on my back during the sleep study and I usually sleep on my side.

I used the cpap religiously for a few months and didn’t feel any difference in my symptoms. Every time I go to the doctor about my other symptoms they tell me I need to keep using my cpap. I stopped for a bit because I was using a mask that kept drying the fuck out of my eyes. I decided to call in and try the dream weaver full face mask.

Anyways, is it possible sleep apnea isn’t my real problem? I’m desperate for relief. My biggest issues are definitely my anxiety, depression, and short term memory loss. I have tried three different antidepressants and none of theM gave me relief. I am not trying a fourth one and I suppose I’ll keep doing that.

TLDR, has anyone dxd for sleep apnea but isn’t tired but suffers from other symptoms maybe related?

I’m 27/m/a little overweight but not a ton and I have a large neck.

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