Hello there, my doctor several months back wanted me to do an overnight oximetry and then sleep consult for potential sleep study. This was based on my BP being elevated about 10 points and she asked me “do you ever wake up gasping?” and I could only remember that happening once but I thought it was due to a particularly vivid dream. I have always been a flat on my back sleeper.

Due to COVID I suspended my appointments and decided to get a home oximeter from Amazon below.

Wellue Overnight Oxygen Saturation Tracker with Notification for Low O2 Level and Heart Rate, Free APP PC Report for Sleep Insights https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07T5L57M4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_c9L5EbX228HXX

It seems apparent to me that I am only having issues during REM. I started experimenting with pillows and got a wedge and have been attempting to work on my chronic congestion, though that doesn’t seem to have as much impact on my sleep as I expected. Elevating my head seems to have made a pretty big difference, my question is does this seem like a small enough issue that I don’t need to worry? I already have medical debt so trying not to do any unnecessary tests.

I’m linking to a 3 day run of my results to show the improvement. When I calculate an AHI just for time in REM (270min) with the 17 drops = (17/270)*60 = 3.9.


Does this seem like something I should be concerned about? I will continue to sleep with my head elevated from now on for sure.

Thanks for any insight you can give as this is a new subject for me.

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