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I started CPAP therapy recently and have been actively referring to posts here and the r/CPAP subreddit and other similar apnea forums for assistance, and would love some help analyzing my OSCAR data. I followed the guides on the best way to setup the data visually to make it as easy as possible for those willing to shed some light.

Quick backstory: I took both an in-lab sleep study 1 year ago then another at-home study about 6 months ago; the in-lab study showed only 7 AHI (on back) and 5.x AHI (on sides) but I was on sleeping pills back then, which I discontinued approx. 2 months before the follow-up at-home test which showed an AHI of 11. I am still waiting (as of this post) on a follow-up in-lab sleep study for a thorough investigation without any medication, but since that’s likely going to take forever given the pandemic, I decided to use my prescription and insurance to try an APAP. Current machine is a Redmed AirSense 10 Auto For Her (I’m a dude but my research pointed at “better” settings here). The data from OSCAR might be a bit off since I played with the machine on-and-off the first night, but consistently used it after fiddling a bit. I’ve left it on auto mode (min 4 and max 20 pressure, EPR 3, humidifier and heated hose settings on auto) till last night (April 6) at which point based on the average pressure I read from the machine (8.x) I changed the clinical settings to min 6 and max 12. Had a really bad sleep, so not sure if it’s because I’m still just starting out and bound to experience the roller-coaster I was mentally prepared for or if the pressure settings have not yet been optimized. I did have a few mouth leaks the first few nights, and still get them mildly, so I ordered a Resmed F20 Full-Face Mask that I plan to try, although I do prefer to hopefully adapt to nose-breathing.

I would really appreciate any input and wisdom into what my OSCAR data shows, and what steps I can take to optimize my therapy especially the pressure; should I change it back to 4min and 20max or can I set it to something more “optimal and consistent”?

Thank you in advance for any input!

OSCAR Data Link: https://imgur.com/Frxs5HR

Machine Details:

Machine: Resmed AirSense 10 Auto For Her Mask Type: Nasal pillows Mask Make & Model: Resmed AirFit P10 Humidifier: Resmed AirSense 10 Auto For Her Heated-Tube Humidifier CPAP Pressure: 6-12 Auto (originally 4-20) CPAP Software: OSCAR on Windows & myAir on iOS

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