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My journey has been long and still trying to weather the storm, here’s my long CPAP optimization thread: http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-CPAP-Requesting-Help-with-OSCAR-Analysis

Thanks to everyone’s input so far (here and on other online forums), great community and great wisdom being shared for us just starting out this journey of figuring out what’s going on.

Quick backstory to explain this sleep report: Early 2019 I did an in-lab test but was on Seroquel (75mg) and Cymbalta (90mg) nightly for “symptoms of depression, anxiety and insomnia”, the test came back with the doctor’s diagnosis of “mild sleep apnea” and my AHI was 5 (non-supine) and 7 (supine). My recommendation at the time was 1) stop Seroquel and 2) focus on side-sleeping using various methods. I discontinued both medications with the help of my family doctor and after a short period of discontinuation symptoms, my brain and body finally moved on. However, sleep was getting worse and daytime fatigue/somnolence was lingering so I did an at-home test which resulted in an AHI of 11 but I felt this test was extremely surface-level so I chased another in-lab test which took months to land of course and voila here we are today.

The attached sleep report quite frankly shocked me, I didn’t expect the arousals and AHI to be this high, at least not after a year or so from being only 5 & 7. Weight was not a major difference during this year (maybe gained 10lbs total) but I suspect that either 1) the medication was doing something quite magical or 2) there’s a discrepancy in how either of the test’s data was extracted.

If there are any sleep doctors here, or well-versed users in analyzing this sleep report and maybe providing some out-of-the-box possibilities of what might be going on, I would greatly appreciate it. The only thing I’m still working on currently is dropping my weight, I’m 6″1′ and was around 215lbs when I did this test, ideally I’m looking at getting down to 180lbs and seeing if that changes anything. I have a history of seeing multiple family and psychiatric specialists who continue to claim that my depression/anxiety is causing disturbed sleep, but for me right now in life it’s not a matter of mood or anxiety, it’s the physical symptoms that I can’t seem to keep under control (low oxygen, panic attacks, severe fatigue, crushing headaches borderline migraines, on and off nausea, lack of energy) which all seem to point to sleep apnea, which clearly this sleep report is confirming.

My issue is that the current sleep doctor only gave me a “you need CPAP” and nothing else, I pushed for further clarification and specifically asked about potential for complex sleep apnea, UARS, and anything else that might be going on, but CPAP was the only conclusion. I’m hoping someone out there can provide better input than this; two in-lab studies and two different sleep doctors both of which did not give me what I expected from someone as “highly experienced and skilled” as they are claimed to be.

Thanks for your time ya’ll!

Sleep Report Page 1: https://imgur.com/vRnvrdX

Sleep Report Page 2: https://imgur.com/ad1Zavr

Sleep Report Page 3: https://imgur.com/lVPYwNB

*Note: apologies for the slight blur in some sections of each photo, I received a physical folded copy and had trouble with the camera.

***EDIT: from a few users so far it seems like with my centrals I’m needing to look into an ASV, and the doctor’s diagnosis of “severe sleep apnea that needs CPAP” is misplaced, to put it kindly.

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