I have a Resmed 10 and have been using it for a while now. I’m not the best at cleaning everything as regularly as I should, but I do fairly well.

The mask is cleaned almost daily in hot soapy water. The days it’s not cleaned, I usually use some citrus CPAP cleaning wipes on it. Sometimes don’t clean it at all, but this is the exception.

The water tank is removed, emptied and left out to dry frequently to prevent perpetual wetness that may encourage bacteria growth.

The hose is cleaned but not as much as it should be.

Everything is cleaned with white vinegar diluted in water…I guess occasionally and not as frequently as it should be 🙁

I started noticing a strange musty smell yesterday while using it that concerned me.

When I’m not using the machine and am cleaning the mask or put the water tank out to dry, I don’t smell it. I’m wondering of it’s something inside the machine itself.

Has anyone had this happen or know what it may be? Any ideas on diagnosing it?

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