3 years ago I was prescribed a Resmed Airsense 10 auto-setting PAP machine. I still feel terrible every day, constantly tired, and snore even with the machine. Earlier this year I had multiple nose surgeries – nasal valve, deviated septum, and turbinate reduction. Still, no luck in curing my sleep. Horrible snoring continues, now going through the journey of an oral appliance to move my lower jaw forward and tracking my sleep data at night per doctors instructions. I’m using the SnoreLab app and last night I measured 113 “snore score” with over 5 hours of “loud” and “epic” noise levels.

My next step will be to look into a soft palette and uvula surgery I guess. If feels like that’s where my airflow restriction is located.

Any recommendations? My memory and concentration are slowly getting worse and worse and I hope if I can fix my sleep, these will improve. I’m 30 years old, 180lbs, 5’8”

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