Went and had an in lab sleep study done last night. Got the results in email today and it showed that I had an AHI of 0.3. The test said my sleep results were completely normal. Although it did say I was only in deep sleep for 1% of the time I was asleep. It also said my heart rate varied between 50 and 100. Why would my heart rate reach 100 if I’m not struggling to breathe? I’m so confused as to what is causing my lack of sleep. I wake up everyday with horrible brain fog, I wake up a few times every night, and I can never focus. My mood is constantly horrible and I just feel all around terrible. But the official and most accurate sleep study shows I’m fine. No central apnea’s no sleep apnea. I have an appointment with my sleep doctor next Friday to break down the results and take next steps but I just don’t know what’s left.

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