I recently started using a new resmed P10 nose pillows on my dreamstation. Before that I used the wisp mask for 5 years. No complaints with wisp mask, but when I used P10 for a month or so until it suddenly started to create a really runny nose. I would wake up every night after about 4 hours of sleep to a very clogged and irritated nose. I had to snuff out my nose and sneeze a shitton of times before i could go back to sleep. The irritation is so bad that i can feel it through the day and i practically can’t breathe through my nose without sneezing.

Has anyone else had this kind of problem? I found one similar problem on google which suggested that this is caused by cold air making the nose feel dry, and thus the nose keeps pumping more and more mucus into the nostrils?

I am using a cpap without a humidifer, should i look into that?

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