Hello everyone! New to this subreddit but not new to Sleep Apnea. My reason for posting here is because I wanted to share my story and my situation. When I was 17 (21 now) I was about 130 pounds and never had problems sleeping, breathing, or waking up with sore throats or anything. At that very age I started smoking weed consistently and heavily which caused me to have the munchies and I would abuse Uber Eats day and night everyday. I then started to gain weight from all the food I was eating and just staying home doing nothing. I ended up being 170 in about in a year. Now, during that time I was gaining all that weight and after I started noticing I was waking up with sore throats so bad, Extremely minor headaches for about 10 minutes after wake up, and groggy to the point where I’ll feel like I didn’t get enough sleep. Eventually I scheduled an appointment with an ENT and check my nose with and down my throat with a camera and nothing but she was 100% sure it was Sleep Apnea. I did my sleep studies and was diagnosed with a moderate case. MY SITUATION: I was told to call a number to the people who are supposed to deliver the machine. I called and they said I had to wait because the place I went to did not send the confirmation/subscription for the machine. I called back again days later and still nothing. I called the sleep study place and they said they were waiting on the ENT. I waited about a week and called the distributors and was told that they were still waiting for it to be faxed and the lady realized that I’ve been calling for a while and she said she would contact them herself this time. I waited and waited and eventually I would forget but not for long I would still call and call. One day I called and was very frustrated and told them my issue and she gave me a number to text which was the doctor from the sleep study and no reply. I called again the next day and was given an email I got no response. I gave it time. I would end up calling again and this time the receptionist said she can’t help because she doesn’t know anything. I’m starting to get angry now. I called months later and asked and she said, “Oh yeah, it’s been a while since you had to come and pick it up” when I wasn’t informed of anything. I called and called and just kept trying. It’s been a year. I said “When can I?” She said I have to do another sleep study and basically the whole process again to get my machine and subscription again. I’ve been sad because I’m scared. I go to sleep thinking I’m not gonna wake or something will happen. Now, I can’t make an appointment or anything due to the pandemic going on. My thing is, I don’t want to do the sleep study again. I was very uncomfortable and took me a while to sleep. They know I have it, they know it’s moderate and they have all the paper and so do I. I never got to use the machine that I was supposed to have since last February. Question: Since Sleep Apnea came on when I gained weight if I lose it will it go away? I’m sorry if this so long.

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