So I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I hit all the symptoms for it, especially multiple days suddenly waking up gasping and coughing for breath. And I hate it. I been having this sort of experience since 2016~ish and it got worse this year. I didn’t do anything earlier because I thought its just moments of rare moments of my tongue not resting in my mouth or something.

I’m leaning on getting the surgery option if its sleep apnea, since I want it away for good for that I really hate the feeling of “oh god im going to die this time if I don’t get any air” and I have jaw problems (it pops whenever I yawn, no idea how I got this but been having like 2010~ish). From what I heard, jaw problems seem to be related to sleep apnea so two birds, one stone perhaps?

But getting a CPAP machine seems better in the long term with a few risks, just takes more effort. Would getting a CPAP would actually stop me from choking in my sleep on using it or would it just drastically minimize the times?

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