I haven’t been officially diagnosed but Basically lately I have been stopping breathing while trying to fall asleep, right before I fall asleep. I get my breathing back, calm down, try to fall asleep and the cycle repeats. It’s an extremely scary experience and it’s getting harder and harder to start my breathing again. I talked with my doctor 2 weeks ago and he was going to have a nurse call me so we can do an at home finger oxygen test thing and I haven’t gotten a call. I am at a loss and really scared. It’s 5 AM where I am and I can’t sleep because I stop breathing every time before I fall asleep. Im tired, uncomfortable and honestly literally afraid I am going to die. From my understanding you don’t go to the ER for this thing you just have to wait to go to a sleep center and get tested but I honestly don’t think I can wait for my next doctor appointment in 2 weeks and then wait for the at home test thing AND THEN WAIT to go to a sleep center. I need help, NOW. Please help any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I’m so terrifed.

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