Hello! So I was diagnosed with OSA a few months ago, and I’ve been using my CPAP for two months now.

I’m pretty good about using it for the most part. I use it every night, but every so often I accidentally doze off somewhere else in the house, like the couch. I try to avoid it, but I’m still tired as hell, so it happens sometimes. (Especially if I’m like cuddled up with my kid and a dog or two with a super soft blanket trying to watch a movie).

That’s what happened to me today. Except today, I had an experience that I’ve never had before. I had an apnea, so I woke up. That on its own isn’t enough to alarm me though, even though usually I would just assume it was an apnea because I woke up gasping. What freaked me out was that after I woke up, I continued to not be able to breath for about another 10 seconds. It was like my throat or lungs or something just didn’t work. Once I finally did breath, I started coughing, and then I started slapping myself to get rid of the rest of the drowsiness.

What the fuck just happened? I’ve never just not been able to breathe like that before. I have asthma, but even with asthma you still make an attempt, you just can’t breathe around your throat being swollen. With this, it’s like I wanted to make an attempt to breath, but my lungs or throat or something just wouldn’t cooperate. It was extremely scary.

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