I am waiting on the results of my sleep test, and to be honest I am scared that they will come back negative. I don’t have the best sleep hygene, and as the title suggests I tend to have a lot of screen time late at night.

I take sleeping pills, but I still find that I need something playing in the background to occupy my mind so that my thoughts are not just running overtime. This usually starts with watching a laptop screen down at the lowest setting with a blue filter app running. I live alone, and I just can’t stand being quiet in the evening with nothing to watch. I get stir crazy, lonely, anxious, etc.

I know that screen time at night can shift the circadian rhythems, changing the way we sleep. In my discussions here and with someone I know IRL who has apnea, my symptoms are classic:

Waking up at night, feeling tired in the morning, being hit with a wave of fatigue not long after getting up, irritibilty, anxiety, low energy, tiredness throughout the day, reduced productivity.

I gues I’m afraid of getting a negative result from the test, and all of this has just been me not having a good sleep routine.

But I’ve tried the sleep routine; no screens, in bed at a consistant time, out of bed at a consistant time, and it works for a bit. Until one night I wake up at 3:30 am and it all falls apart.

And I have had sleeping issues long before smartphones were a thing, and long before I had a laptop. It has always taken me a long time to fall asleep; lots of thoughts rolling around in my head, lots of rolling around in my bed. I’ve been like this since I was a kid. I was never a morning person; always woke up feeling like I needed to stay in bed an hour longer. Was always given a hard time by my parents for not getting up on time, sleeping in on weekends, etc.

I guess I could use some reassurances that although screen time at night could be making things worse, there is still a good chance I have SA. I know, I know, I have to wait for the diagnosis. It’s been almost 4 weeks now and they say I have to wait another week or two.

Thanks for reading.

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