Has anyone who has sleep apnea also had seizures? On April 13 my wife woke up to me having a seizure and she thought I was having a heart attack, ended up calling an ambulance and I had another 1 when they got there and then another on the way to the hospital and I had no recollection of any of it. For me I remember going to sleep and waking up in the hospital confused and scared. I had to be told multiple times what had happened and couldn’t leave For 4 days (also no visitors) when I got out I decided to have the sleep study and was told I stop breathing 26 to 64 times an hour. When I was in the hospital I had asked if sleep apnea could have caused the seizures and they didn’t see how or said they’ve never heard of that but the fact that you stop breathing for up to a minute at a time 64 times an hour well shit that’s once every damn minute so there’s gotta be some sort of a connection! I haven’t had any seizures since and have been on my machine for a week now and I’m seeing 2.5 and under for events in the night. I’m also trying to quit smoking because I want to get the full benefit from the machine like not feeling fatigued anymore. Don’t really know where I was going with this but I guess just curious if anyone else has seizures and sleep apnea.

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