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I was all ready to post a long novel about the surgery and recovery but because I had to be off my adhd meds to sleep and heal it really messed me up mentally and I’m still not 100% (mentally or physically) (plus I have endometriosis excision surgery in less than 2 weeks so I’m trying to prepare for that).

The experience was different from the one surgery I had in the past (emergency appendectomy) as it was scheduled but also because of COVID and I was all alone. But the nurses were great and very kind.

The first 3 days weren’t too bad, it was after that it got really bad until about day 10. (Surgery was Dec 18th, I’m now on day 23).

I think I liked that it was stitches over the cauterization, though I could feel them and they were annoying.

Highly recommend lots of Vaseline, a wedge pillow, a cool mist humidifier.

I injured my feet 2 weeks before surgery and then the gyms closed so I haven’t worked out in over a month. I have been doing 20-40 min walks outside and I feel out of shape, but I feel like I can BREATHE!!! So beautiful! Haha my nose I can still feel isn’t all clear but it’s getting there.

Even while healing, my mom told me I no longer snores (I was using the wedge pillow at this point still). I used SnoreLab and without the wedge and I don’t snore. I can’t even really “fake snore” anymore.

This week I tried my CPAP again and my AHI was under 1. (I put the pressure to 4. I was 6 before surgery, prescribed 8, and 9.5 before I lost 45lbs)

I can no longer say the French R which is annoying (partner is native French speaker) but I’m still understandable.

I had my first sleep study Jan 2016 and my AHI was 24, second April 2016 prescribed 8cm pressure and AHI was 8. (BMI was 35% both times, I did go up to 38% between 2016 and April 2020) Oct 2020 told to still keep at 8 (which didn’t make sense because I was swallowing too much air and in pain) and my AHI was 1.3. (BMI is 31%) don’t know when I’ll go get one more sleep study as I have a surgery in less than 2 weeks, am planning to get laser eye surgery and gum grafting within the year or so. I also want to get my weight down another 30-40lbs so it’d be around 26-27% BMI.

Though I find my CPAP isn’t 100% and has errors (like it took me an hour to fall asleep and I spilled something so I stopped it and it said I already had 8 hypoanpeas but I hadn’t slept yet.

TLDR: surgery was brutal but seems to be worth it. No longer snore, AHI seems to be under 1, and hopefully I’ll get a new sleep study done within the next few months to get a definitive answer of if I still have sleep apnea and require a CPAP!

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