Hi all,

I have severe sleep apnea, waiting for a second study to determine if it is central or obstructive. But I cannot stay awake, or focus, or think straight. But am required to earn industry certifications for my job. I have struggled through 2 of them already. I am also working on earning my bachelors degree. But I can’t stay awake or focused to read/absorb the content.

Does anyone have tips or study advice about how to learn and recall new information while awaiting treatment?

I’m so frustrated. I can’t sleep. I feel so trapped. A coworker caught me falling asleep at my desk yesterday.

I don’t know what to do.

TLDR; Need help on how to study or learn something new while dealing with sleep apnea. Doctor has not started treatment yet. Waiting on more tests to confirm specific diagnosis.

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful suggestions. I’m going to try various energy drinks and also, if my doctor will finally return any of my calls, ask about about a trial CPAP machine to hopefully get some rest. This whole ordeal is truly taking a toll on me mentally. But you all already know how heavy that toll can be.

Thank you again!

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