I’m grossly overweight at 5ft 6″, 362 lbs. Borderline hypertension. Leg joint pain. Extreme tiredness during day, sleeplessness at night. Had it for months, maybe years, but it’s got worse this last 3 months of lock down. I currently fall asleep on my sofa or chair about 20+ times a day.

Finally gonna phone a UK doc about it in a week or so.

Have the Vivosmart 4, but didn’t trust the low readings, and yeah apparently they’re averaging about 5-10 % less than accurate. Got a simply fingertip pulse oximeter that showed 98%, dropping quickly to a warning beep of 93% or less if I lounge in chair sleepily.

Have the new version of the Withings Sleep Analyzer, checks snoring, heart rate, breathing and apnea episodes while I sleep – it reports an AHI of about 30+, which is severe sleep apnea.

Have an O2Ring on the way to check overnight SpO2. Next step is posibly a sleep study, but I’ve no idea how long I’d wait for that.

I think I have all of the readings of a sleep study apart from the brain actvity. What do you think the chances of getting a CPAP machine or whatever by giving the doc the results I’ve got?

UK-based, so NHS.

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