Okay, let me start off by saying figuring out all of this has been a long and hard road. This is going to be a long post, I’ll try to to tldr it at the end though. I’m just super frustrated and still can’t seem to get what i need even though i know now. I finally got a successful sleep study!

Okay, first, I now know that for the past almost 5 years that sleep apnea has pretty much been the driving force in decline of my work, decline in my cognition and the reason I fall asleep in front of my computer at work. I lost my last well paying (100k/yr) job about 4 years ago due to falling asleep at work. I thought at the time that this would go away as i had just had a severe bout of pneumonia, which i was hospitalized 30 days for, and recovered. It didn’t go away. I ended up jobless for about a year, and then finally got a job working nearly minimum wage. Big difference from the 6 figures i used to make. My new wife (we were dating before this), has picked up the slack and this has caused great stress in our marriage. I, at this point in time, am mentally and physically broken. I got fired from my third job now for falling asleep. This time, falling asleep while standing, from Wal-Mart. Yeah. I have been trying to do a sleep study since shortly after losing my well paying job, but don’t have the money to do it without insurance. I finally worked and got insurance through Wal-Mart just to go through and get this taken care of. I lost my job at Wal-Mart a week before my sleep study. I applied to financial hardships at the hospital and actually got a full free ride for the sleep study, now comes the fun part. I had to go through two, because CPAP was counter indicated for me, I needed BiPAP. I found out my AHI is 110 when sleeping on my back, around 84 on my side. But, not only did I find I need a bipap machine, but also a oxygen concentrator, as my SpO2 levels go below 80% even on bipap. So i need a machine that will do pressure of 22/14 with 3 liters of oxygen bled in. I can’t afford a new BiPAP machine, and have no insurance at all. I can’t afford 100 a month to rent a o2 concentrator. What can I do. This has caused me depression, severe weight gain (over 100lb), loss of control on sleep, not driving since i fall asleep driving, close to a failed marriage, and loss of income/work.

Tldr; find out i have severe Sleep Apnea with no way to treat it. It has caused loss of income, marriage and health issues, etc. Need advice, help, direction.. please…

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