Received this in my inbox today:

This is a special COVID-19 edition of our newsletter. During this pandemic crisis, we remind forum members that sleep is very important to maintain your immune system, and if you’re not getting proper rest, it will make you more susceptible to this coronavirus.

If you need help with adjusting your CPAP machine to the proper settings, please stop by and start a new thread on our Main Forum to ask any question you wish.

In addition, I’m personally putting out a call to those who have a higher knowledge level with regard to adjusting CPAP, Bi-level and ASV machines. This past week, we began a discussion in the Main Forum to consider the possibility of using these machines for Coronavirus mitigation & severe pneumonia, including altering or changing settings on these machines to provide some degree of ventilation in case the shortage of hospital ventilators becomes severe, in a “worst-case” scenario. I would encourage all who are interested to read through that entire thread, especially those who can help brainstorm to come up with possible solutions.

That thread is here:

As always, we are NOT providing medical advice on the forums or in that thread. We are simply patients who are concerned that conventional medical systems might become overwhelmed as this crisis progresses. We’re trying to come up with alternative methods to help us deal with coronavirus should normal healthcare options become unavailable to us.

Please help if you can. I thank you for joining Apnea Board as we continue our primary mission of sleep apnea patients helping one another.

Be safe & sleep well, folks.

Thanks for listening,

SuperSleeper Apnea Board Administrator

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