Hi I was diagnosed with OSA about a year ago with an RDI of 14.1 AHI of 12 and given a Dreamstation APAP, I currently wear a F30 mask. I am a 21F and weigh about 105lbs, exercise 5 days a week, eat healthy. This is the first time I’ve checked my results on OSCAR since most of the time I was getting pretty decent sleep, but recently I’ve been progressively waking up more and more tired despite sleeping 8-10 hours with my APAP. Here’s a snap shot of my results from OSCAR, Should I be concerned that my CA and Hypopnea values are higher than my OA values? Also just looking at the app on my phone my AHI has been going up quite a bit in the past few days the worst being 7.4. I am planning on getting an appointment ASAP because no sleeping well is driving me nuts. Any suggestions as to what I should bring up in my appointment?

OSCAR Data here: https://imgur.com/a/qJmGpns

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