I’m an 18 year old female with a healthy BMI (although admittedly slightly chubby). A few months ago I was sharing a cabin with a girl, and we didn’t sleep in the same room but the walls were extremely thin. Apparently she heard my snoring most nights and used to bang on the wall and I’d stop, although I have no memory of any of this. I’m a generally light sleeper and little things wake me up. Last night I downloaded a snoring recorder app, and sure enough I snored for around an hour in total, and it was very loud. The app only recorded several short samples, so I couldn’t listen out for my breathing stopping.

Another worrying sign, I have a caffeine addiction. I drink at least one energy drink to get me through the day, and often a second one if I’m particularly drowsy. For a while I thought it was just my age and my academic stress, but combined with the snoring I’m worried it’s more.

I don’t often sleep next to my partner but he has occasionally noted that I’ve snored, and he is a heavy sleeper too. Do you think I should get tested? I’d rather not have to go to the GP as I’m quite busy, unless it sounds probable.

Edit: worth mentioning that both of my parents are snorers and I suspect my dad may suffer from sleep apnea too as I sometimes hear him stop breathing when he naps. I also naturally carry weight around my chin and neck and it’s the first place I notice weight gain.

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