I’ve got mild sleep apnea and I’ve been renting a machine for a few months now but only made it like one night all the way through ages ago. I’ve tried 4 masks now but still not making through the night. I usually take off the mask after a couple hours. The sleep apnea obviously sucks but to me it’s been better to at least sleep through the night without the mask and get SOME rest, hence why I give up every night.

My problem at the moment is that I only have a prescription to rent the machine and after 3 months with no benefits and no real success using the machine I feel a bit hesitant to bother spending another few hundred bucks for another month renting the machine. A part of me wants to just lie to my doctor and say that I’ve had some benefits so I can at least get a prescription to buy a machine (at this point my rental fees have almost paid off the amount of one). My other options to resolve my sleep apnea are not of interest (have heard lots of bad things about dental appliances and I was taking sleep medication for a bit but was getting bad headaches).

I’m not really sure what I’m even asking. I guess I just feel sad and anxious that I have no options for treatment. If it helps I’ve had the most success with full face masks but they’ve been uncomfortable enough that I can’t sleep with them on. Had one non-full face mask with the nasal pillows that didn’t work whatsoever.

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